Friday, 30 April 2010

Since review last term i have had a change within my work.

After realising that my work held no personal or photographic meaning, I started to look more closely around me in a more reflective and insightful way. I have started to work towards using photography as a way of expressing myself, my little work, likes/dislikes etc, things that make up me. To be able to express this further I have started to work with image and text, using different methods such as ink on skin, letter press, typewriter, diary and screen print.

These different processes have made me realise that i am not using photography to lead to a grand end result, I'm using it to realise what is around me and exploring this

Which leads me to the quote i think I'm going to use in my artist statement in the degree show

"I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed"
- Gary Winogrand

I found this quote in the book "The ongoing moment" by Geoff Dyer, I recommend it to any photography student, it has helped me a lot. From this book I took the fact that there is no infinite amount of things to photograph. Aha lot of the most famous contemporary photographers have photographs that are almost identical.

Another good quote from to further enforce this "Often it turns out that when things have been photographed they look like other photographs, either ones that have been taken or ones that are waiting to be taken"

This helped me realise that as long as I had some kind of method and understanding behind me, it doesn't matter what you take photos of.

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