Monday, 3 May 2010

I have temporarily abandoned digital! It was a bit of an accident, stumbled upon Kodak 400 VC 120 film and fell in love with it a bit, thank you lomo shop london! I can put it straight through the C41 and it makes such interesting colours which come out amazingly when scanned in the flexi scan, they have come out a lot differently after being manually printed but i don't mind.

The move from digital to film which is the reverse of what I seemed to do at the beginning of uni, has made me thing about ownership of photographs..... My photography has become a lot more personal and film helps back up this idea even more, I have started making photographs that I can then put complete ownership on, I have taken the time to look at something and decide if it's worth using one of my precious 12 negatives to record it... I then go to the C41 and it becomes my negative, i go to the scanner and it becomes my tiff file, i go to the little curtained room in the machine dark room and it becomes my own 10x10 print!

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